a COLLABORATIVE residency IN ICELAND designed for diverse and impact-driven artists.

theme: ‘doing time’

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This residency is in Iceland. Much of the experience takes place in Eyrarbakki, a small fishing town in South Iceland, located an hour outside of Reykjavik. This is an inspiring place—a land where many of the Sagas of Icelanders took place, and the site of last year's Residency.

The community here has a lot to offer: history, wisdom, expertise and a group of inspiring and activated people at the forefront of Iceland's artistic and sustainability revolutions.


Photo Credit:  ms.akr

The Saga Residency is an immersive, experiential and communal experience with shared accommodations, meals and work space. Collaboration is at the heart of the experience. The core of the experience is centralized around fostering meaningful connections while developing creative confidence and leadership through collaborating with a diverse group of people.

The residency aims to work with artists from different fields and countries. The term "artist" is purposefully broad—there are no boundaries to the creations of the residency when coupled with the power of imagination.


Artists are a crucial voice in any social movement and should be at the forefront of shaping a future, alternative narrative built on possibilities and empowerment.

Artists bring diverse perspectives, creative ideas and radical expression to the environmental movement, and will continue to play a large part in spreading awareness, mobilizing communities and sparking action.

By the end of the Residency, you'll join a growing network of international artists who are committed to using their craft to drive real, positive impact in the world.