We ARE LOOKING FOR ARTISTS FOR OUR NEXT RESIDENCY FROM 1 February to 9 february 2020. APPLICATIONS ARE NOW open until 30 october 2019.


The 2020 edition of the Saga Residency focuses on the perception of time and exploring the idea of ‘doing time’. Participants will get the opportunity to research this theme by artistic means in close encounters with the local surroundings.

We've designed an immersive and collaborative experience, which means a detailed agenda is not offered to our participants to encourage presence and spontaneity during the program. Most days will have formal or open "lab-based time" from the morning (9:30) until the end of dinner (21:00).

Your attendance is expected at all sessions and essential to the entire program due to the collaborative nature of this experience. Please do not apply if you are not able to make the full dates of the program: 1 February up until 9 February.


Saga Residency provides:

  • Accommodation between 1 February - 9 February

  • Workspace between 1 February - 9 February

  • Local, roundtrip transportation from Reykjavík to Eyrarbakki

  • Excursions to nature and inspirational sites

  • 9 days of professional facilitation on creative leadership and collaborative art practices

  • Limited tools and materials

  • Food and beverages from 1 February - 9 February


Registration fee:

  • 600 euros for the full 9-day experience. This includes food, housing, excursions, local transport and everything else that is listed above. We will be collecting registration fees before the residency.

  • Note: The residency does not include airfare to and from Iceland, or local transit from the airport to Reykjavík out of the program's designated pick-up and drop-off times. If you are arriving before 1 January or staying after 9 January, you must secure your own accommodation.

  • Note: We work intentionally with participants to write letters of recommendation for local grants or funding, and for visa purposes. We never want finances or country of origin to be a barrier to participate in our program.


Who Should Apply:

Creative leaders and/or artists from any medium (this could be: builders, architects, writers, designers, sculptors, technologists, painters, dancers, theater performers — and even those not included in this list!) that’s interested in working collaboratively in a dynamic, raw experience in a small town in Iceland.



Fill in the form below to apply for the 2020 residency program. Please feel free to reach out at sagaresidency@gmail.com if you have any questions.

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